Different Types Of Hose Couplings

Published: 12th July 2010
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Hose coupling or also known as hose adapters are types of connectors used for hoses to connect one end of a hose to the other. Although the idea is simple, many types of hose couplings have been manufactured to accommodate a certain degree of usage. There are simpler types of hose couplings used in the market, and their are those which are used in a more complicated manner.

Different types of hose couplings
There are different types of hose coupling used for different purposes. Most of these are made up of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, as well as plastic. Some of the most common types of hose couplings include hozelock and hoselink.

Hozelock is a type of hose coupling which involves a push-fit connector, while a hoselink is more like a boyonet type of connector which involves the use of a 0 ring compression to induce a more watertight connection. Both types of hose couplings are normally used at home or for garden hoses.

However, other than these simple hose adapters, other different types of hose couplings have also been manufactured for use in heavy equipments. And most of these types of hose couplings are uniquely used in several countries. These types of hose couplings include:

Guillemin symmetrical clutch
This type of hose coupling normally involves rings with two protuberances in each end of the hose. Once the ring turns, the protuberances would then lock on to the hook of the other hose. These types of hose couplings are mostly used in France and Belguim.

Coming from the name itself, this type of hose coupling is mostly used in Spain for fire hoses, which involves a "sexless" coupling with 3 engaging lugs.

Nakajima and Machino
Nakajima is a type of hose coupling which involves a "quarter turn" or "sexless" while Machino involves a "quarter turn" or "sexless" hose adapter. Both are used for fire hoses and are mostly found in Japan.

A type of hose coupling mostly used in Russia, it involves a "sexless" coupling used on fire hoses.

National Standard Thread or NST
NST or also known as National Hose thread (NH) is one of the most common types of hose adapters used in the US. Compared to other "sexless" hose coupling, this type involves a male and female coupling which is screwed together and the connection is sealed with a gasket.

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